Sunday, 15 March 2009

morning thoughts on art and economics

Its one of those white mornings on the Bosphoros, where the ships from my window look like they are being drawn across ice by an invisible force. There's been a lot of rain and the linden trees are in blossom everywhere.
Yesterday, on the Bosphoros, Tem riding his bike, and the Arcadia Hellas came by, a red and impossibly huge ship. Later Tem and I were noticing someone in a red raincoat, and someone else with a sparkly woollen hat, moving along like a snow flake, and then in the distance the sky again heavy with rain, and the Bosphoros a leaden grey.
Its Monday. Istanbul Yasam Atolyesi launches at the end of the week. This is not translatable into English, a centre for conscious living/ well being/ workshop for life, on their own, none of these phrases suffice. Together, well, you get the picture. It has a story. Three remarkable women had a dream a long time ago. Yasam will be an extraordinary place born of an extraordinary friendship. I feel privileged to have been invited into Yasam. I will have a studio there, and I will also facilitate a creative group called "bright spark". I was adamant I didn't want to give a painting class, but I have moved away from the idea of one on one "creative coaching" towards the idea of forming a small group creative launchpad. Why not painting? Because teaching people to visually play with their ideas in notebooks/sketchbooks is a whole lot less limiting, and allows people to begin to create in any direction and any medium.
Yesterday on the web, reading about a post consumption economics
thinking about measuring economic success through participation and engagement, use of resources rather than gross domestic product. Thinking about how my experience of the economy in Turkey has been so much about exchange and participation.

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